Get creative with avocados

Eating the same food the exact same way, season in and season out has got to get boring at some stage…even if it is as exotic as an avocado.

Since becoming obsessed with this creamy, nutty, extremely strange looking fruit a couple years ago, I’ve certainly parted ways with it once or twice before.

I’ve felt as though – as nice and all as it is – it has the potential to be quite sickening as a standalone food sometimes, and the memory of that can keep you reluctant until the feeling dies over again.

Why bother with them at all?


Overall, avocados help keep joints supple, help lower blood pressure and help improve fertility. Often, however, they’re quite wrongly thought to be unhealthy due to them having the highest fat content of any fruit.

Well let me tell you that the fats in avocados are beneficial monounsaturated oils, which can lower blood pressure and lubricate joints. Furthermore, they contain antioxidants, are anti-inflammatory and can help lower the risk of diseases such as arthritis and can also help boost women’s fertility.

So contrary to what people may think, avocados are in fact super for your diet, provided you don’t overdo it with them. You can check out some nutritional info about them here to help you moderate your intake.

How I keep them interesting:

Since realising that the benefits of avocados massively trump their potential to get sickening, I started playing around with some ideas for them. As you can see above, I began making avocado egg cups with some hummus on the side (bake together for approx. 20mins at 180 Degrees Celsius) for some extra taste and a protein boost, while utilising lime juice’s delicious addition to them as much as possible. An idea is also to have them on some cracker bread with smoked salmon and lime juice; it’s absolutely great!

Some other great ideas:

Savory waffles

Avocado nachos

Another way to do avocado and egg

Avocado bagel


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Thanks for reading and chat soon,

Ryan. 🙂


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