Get Pointy for the Best Ingredients Locally

Hi there Endorphin Stew followers!

My name is Caroline and I work for a Dublin start up company called Pointy. After getting in touch with Ryan last week, he was kind enough let me write a feature piece for his blog telling you all about what we do here at our busy little start up.

At Pointy we’re all about making it easier for people to find things locally. We’ve just launched our app which allows users to search over 550 local stores across Ireland, and there are lots of health and specialty food shops on the system. So if you’re ever struggling to find some weird and wonderful ingredient from one of Ryan’s recipes, Pointy might come in handy.

I’ve only lived in Dublin for a few months I find that I am constantly relying on Pointy to help me find products. One of the first things I searched for on Pointy was Meridian Almond Butter which I use frequently in many of my favorite recipes. I was really surprised when I got over 20 results for shops selling this product on Pointy, one of which was just a few minutes walk from our office. It’s also helped me to discover some intriguing-looking new products which I didn’t know existed before Pointy – bee pollen, kale popcorn and grain-free granola to name a few!

Using the Pointy app is really simple (and free to download on iPhone and Android). All you need to do is type the name of the product you’re looking for into the search box and Pointy will provide you with a list of shops who stock it. Pointy will also give you contact info, opening hours and directions to the store. I find the directions feature extremely handy as I’m constantly getting lost in town – having an app that points me in the right direction saves me a lot of time!

As I’m such a big fan of Ryan’s Guilt Free Chocolate Pancakes, I’ve created a list of the local shops who stock the ingredients for this recipe. It’s available now on our Pointy app if you feel like taking a look! If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, we’re on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. A massive thanks again to Ryan for featuring Pointy on his fantastic Endorphin Stew blog – your tasty recipes get a big thumbs up from the Pointy team!

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