Eat Vegan, Feel Wow

Hey guys, I hope you’re all keeping brilliant! 😀

I’m so excited to be delivering a feature piece today from Aisling O Beirne, the owner of this awesome Eat Well Feel Wow blog, which goes by the slogan of ‘whole foods to heal & energise.’ 🙂 As somebody who doesn’t yet have the bravery to go all out on vegan diet, it doesn’t take away from the huge interest I have in hearing about what it’s like to live on them, which is exactly what Aisling is here to tell us about! 🙂


          Currently fully plant-based on a vegan diet, Aisling’s daily menu is varied, as a well-balanced diet with plenty of variety is so important for her! Yet, she definitely has her favorites, and a routine built off a fairly basic and stable structure.That’s not to say boring though. 😉 Hello Aisling!


Hey everybody, Aisling here! 🙂

          So to begin, my favourite meal of the day…breakfast! At the moment, I love something warm in the morning. During the week I will usually go for a bowl of oats. I love love love porridge! Not only is it quick, easy and filling, but you can really go mad with toppings and flavours- making a different meal every morning!



          On the weekend, I might opt for something more along the lines of a typical ‘brunch’. Sautéed vegetables and fried potatoes with avocado or hummus, served with a high quality wholegrain like rye or spelt toast. Yummy! I am also a huge fan of smoothie bowls, a great way to get in lots of veg early in the day…and of course you can have lots of fun decorating here!! My go-to recipes would be banana or pineapple based, with green veg like spinach, celery and cucumber. I add lemon and ginger to my green juices and smoothies to give some zing and counteract the green taste (though your taste buds adjust quickly!!). I often add kefir to my smoothies to thicken them and for probiotic goodness. (Kefir is a fermented milk drink and can be made with both animal and coconut milk).  

          Up, next up is lunch. I love prepping lots of salads at the weekends to take to work with me during the week. My salads will always have lots of greens as a base (baby leaf spinach and rocket are my faves!), I usually add tomatoes and carrot, and then something like beetroot, red onion, cucumber, seeds…whatever is prepped or in the fridge! I will try to add a healthy grain or legume, often quinoa, chick peas, lentils or brown rice, and then I like to top with hummus or avocado. The addition of grains, protein and fats makes for a filling salad that will actually keep hunger at bay for a few hours!  


          Dinner is something  I often struggle with since I don’t have a huge appetite in the evenings! If I’m not working, I love to cook a meal that can be frozen and will give lots of portions. Then when I’m late home from work, I can just raid the freezer and eat relatively quickly! My favourite types of vegan dinners are stews and curries. I love korma packed with vegetables and spices, or my quinoa chilli which is so hearty and warming. I usually serve it on a bed of green leaves, or if I’m hungrier, I’ll have brown rice too.

          During Winter, I always look forward to a lentil stew topped with sweet potato mash and baked in the oven (my vegan friendly ‘Shepard’s pie’). For a quick dinner, I love to roast vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower or baby potatoes and serve with chick peas, spinach, mushrooms and peas tossed in cumin and sautéed in coconut oil. 


          I’ve never been a snacker, but when I have a few hours on a Sunday, I try to make some healthy snacks for the week ahead. These include avocado-cacao cookies, energy balls, raw ‘caramel’ squares and homemade hummus. Raw carrots with hummus is my favourite snack! Others include berries and nuts, or nut butter on a banana. I am a huge fan of juicing, and a green juice as a morning snack is great on the weekend or pre and post-workout! 


Well, I guess that’s all I have to say on my vegan diet for now! 😀 If you’re interested in hearing more about it, you can check out my blog here, where you’ll find some of the meals I have mentioned above. I hope this post has given you some insight into a plant-based diet and how easy and normal it actually can be!!

Until again,

Thanks a million for reading!!

Aisling. 🙂

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