Smoked Salmon Ryvita Balls 

Somewhere along our tracks of New Years resolutions and the crumpled up papers of our (hopefully) successful past food and fitness plans, we’re bound to find Ryvita jotted down as something we ought to eat a lot more of. 🍴

It’s true though, even thinking of Rye Flour makes me feel like I’m going to be all the better for consuming it. It is true that unrefined rye flour contains a lot of fibre, which helps keep us full and must also be one of it’s keys to helping with weight loss. 💪🏼👊🏼

Ryvita bread also comes in such a tasty and hearty variety; my favourite being the multigrain crispbread, as I feel it’s a great way to get some additional grains in! Just looking at the nutritional info now, per 100g, this specific version contains 7.2g fat, 11.2g protein and 56.0g carbs, so it seems to me that these guys won’t leave me short of efficient energy (considering the fact I eat them with a nice slab of organic hummus all the time at work without feeling fatigued, says a lot for me). 😅

When Ryvita sent out a very generous box of samples recently, I felt so excited to be able to experiment with their products and incorporate them into my recipes (I usually have all Ryvita eaten before it reaches my house).

These Smoked Salmon Ryvita Balls are nothing less than A1 and, even though they were made on a whim, they will most certainly be making my dinner table table again. They’re convenient, super tasty and healthy. Why wouldn’t they be put to more use? 😉


  • Ryvita crispbread, x3 slices (I used apple & cinnamon flavour here but any of them should be fine)
  • Cashew nuts, x25
  • Fresh basil leaves, x10
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • Fresh spinach leaves, x15
  • Irish smoked salmon, 190g
  • Olive/rapeseed oil


  1. Add the Ryvita slices and cashews into a Nutri Bullet or high-powered blender and blend into a fine powder.
  2. Add the remaining ingredients (minus the oil) to the cup/blender, give everything a quick stir and blitz up into a solid, moist consistency. Feel free to stop the blending frequently to scrape the mixture down from the sides.
  3. Place a large-sized pan over medium heat with a little oil. Separate the mixture into approx. 6 balls (or less depending how large you want them.
  4. Fry them for approx. 10-15 mins or until they brown all around. Feel free to shake the pan every once in a while as the mixture binds well and they shouldn’t fall apart.
  5. Serve with a colourful variety of veggies, sweet potato fries, quinoa or nuts and a drizzle of red pesto and extra virgin olive oil.

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