Ginger and Lime Guacamole

          A lot of people have told me that they just can’t seem to get over the initial ‘yuck’ factor around eating avocados. As somebody who has probably tried and enjoyed at some point in his life, each type of fruit and veg in the west, I can’t say I’ve ever had this problem. 

          However, I get it. Weird shape, odd texture and why the hell is that huge stone thing plonked in the middle of it? How do you open it without injuring yourself and can somebody please just tell me if this thing is a fruit or veg? I do get the frustration of working with avocados, but I think it’s all just a matter of adapting. And, FYI, it’s a fruit. 😛

          But this relatively new avocado movement that we’ve been seeing hasn’t come with this doubtful mindset. It’s come with a lot of creativity, experimentation and exploration around the huge potential of the avocado. 

          Luckily enough, a lot of the groundwork is already done for those of us who want to reap the benefits of introducing avocados into our diets, it’s just a matter of taking the first step in making use of these ideas and recipes. 😉

         One of my favourite ways to consume avocados is through the classic ‘Guacamole’ dip. 👌🏼 However, barely any two guacamole recipes are the same and this must be because of the massive potential it has to be played around with.

          I’m sorry that it’s only now my own take on it is making the blog, but here it is and, after making it this morning, I’m looking forward to making it time and time again with more adaptions and quirky changes to it – there’s no way I won’t be making consuming this nutrient-dense dip as fun an exciting as possible! 🙂 


  • Ripe avocado, x1.5
  • Fresh chilli, 1/4th an inch finely chopped 
  • Garlic clove, x1 finely chopped 
  • Tabasco sauce, x3 drops 
  • Fresh ginger, 1/5th and inch 
  • Lime juice, x1 lime 
  • Vine tomatoes, x6 finely chopped  
  • Red onion, 1/2 finely chopped 
  • Sea salt


  1. Simply add all veggies and spices into a mixing bowl once chopped, add the drops of Tabasco sauce and lime and then mash in the avocado.
  2. Salt to taste, but personally I didn’t feel the need for any at all! Enjoy with some hearty homemade bread, Ryvita cracker bread or some healthy nachos! Be creative with it and never doubt yourself. 😉

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