Packaged Right: My Top Ready-Made Picks

It goes without saying that we all have busy lives these days. So when it comes to preparing meals, sometimes we… well… just would rather not do it. Supermarkets are a godsend to the 21st century in that some of the ready-made meals and products they stock can save us minutes and hours in the kitchen; just what we want after a hectic day at the office or wherever it might be.

However, along the aisles of any supermarket, it’s easy to get lost amongst the fatty foods and processed junk that isn’t exactly good for our systems. Like everybody else though, I myself have to reach for pre-made snacks and meals sometimes, but by writing this post I strive to give you all a little indication that pre-made doesn’t necessarily have to mean bad either. Below are six of many of the healthy accessible products I regularly make use of from retailers; depending on the response to this post, I can definitely include some of the rest! 🙂

Good4U Super Seed Shots


Anybody who follows my Instagram account probably already knows well how big a fan I am of these guys. From study room to work canteen, I tend to often have one of the above Super Seed Shots with me as a quick means of refuelling. These guys each retail at less than a euro and are a tasty high-fibre, gluten-free means of getting that energy boost (they contain magnesium which helps reduce stress and fatigue). My favourite flavour is definitely the Coconut & Berry and I find the seeds as a great ‘dessert’ for the body and an effective way to ward off nasty cravings. Be sure to make a routine of them, and the wide range in taste provided by these Irish snacks makes it a hell of a lot easier! Also, be sure to keep an eye on soon where some new recipes from myself will be featured!

Ryvita Multigrain Crispbread


It’s no exaggeration at all for me to say that I almost always have a pack of these guys in my gear bag. There are many varieties of Ryvita Products available, but the above is definitely my favourite. Ryvita – as you’ve probably noticed – is a healthier rye-based alternative to many other breads. It is relatively high in protein and is said to help with weight-loss through its ability to keep us feeling fuller for longer, and the type of fibre found in rye can also keep us from snacking unnecessarily between meals. Keep snacking away on this, because some of the other mentioned benefits of Rye is its effort in preventing gallstones, reducing our risk of developing diabetes and overall, increasing the efficiency of our digestive system. My favourite ways to eat the crackerbread is by breaking it up and adding it to soups, topping it with some smoked salmon or mashed avocado with a squeeze of lime or with a slather of the hummus mentioned below. 🙂

Keelings Fruit Tubs

You can’t really call any fruit ‘pre-made’ just because it comes in a plastic box, and you might think I may as well mention the importance of sticking around the green isles in the supermarket, here. When it comes to buying fruit a lot of the time, however, sometimes the way they’re packaged doesn’t suit the amount we want or need to consume. For a little snack portion of fruit that we sometimes need on lunch breaks, etc. I find the Keelings Snack Pots are incredibly handy! They serve up our one-a-day in strawberry, mixed berry, apple, pear and cherries and retail at around a euro each. All you’ve gotta do is give the fruit a little rinse before enjoying the delicious, fresh contents hand-picked and sent straight from the company’s growers. 😉

Cully & Sully Soup


When it comes to avoiding overly-processed foods, my rule to go by before picking things up from the supermarket is this: only buy it if your granny would; i.e. avoid buying packaged foods with ingredients you don’t even understand thrown into them. When it comes to prepared soups, luckily these guys are around, because everything that’s blended up into their delicious, wholesome recipes are foods I not only understand, but love. 😀 If you check out @cullyandsully‘s insta, you’ll even see posts where they break down the ingredients that are in each one of their recipes; genius! 😉 My favourite must definitely be the Thai Chicken Soup.

Nakd Wholefoods Bars


What can I say? Before these guys, I’d never have known that vegan could be so damn tasty. Made from none but raw fruits and nuts, everything in them is cold-pressed together, which means that no heat is involved with making them. They contain 100% natural ingredients with no added sugars or syrups, they’re also wheat, dairy and gluten free.. With a soft, chewy texture they fill you up till your next meal and most count towards 1 of your 5 a day too. Ideal for lunchboxes, grabbing on the go and refuelling between meals! The only suspicion I could possibly have about them is the concentrated juice and natural flavourings in some of them. Maybe my suspicious are stemming from my astonishment that something that tastes so good could possibly be 100% natural! Maybe these guys just got it really really right. 😉

Tesco Organic Hummus


By the time I reach work – knees normally buckling – after an intense gym session, the second thing I reach for after a protein snack/shake, is a tub of the glorious above. Hummus is an absolute obsession of mine, and has been for the past year. Out of all the hummus brands I’ve tried, I must say this trumps them all. Slathered on top of the Crispbread I mentioned above, I’d normally eat an entire tub in one sitting. Yes, you could consider this a guilty pleasure of mine since hummus is high in fat. The way I see it though, is that it’s full of good fats from organic ingredients which we need anyway for energy. I also burn a hell of a lot of calories on a daily basis and I don’t intend on losing weight on my constant mission to be a healthier person.

Saying that, I haven’t gained any weight over the past year even with that habit. Perhaps the most fattening product I’ve mentioned, but you could go for a lot worse in a supermarket, and hummus is loaded with fibre, protein, iron, phosphorus (healthy bone formation, improved digestion), B vitamins, vitamin C and antioxidants. Hummus is also a brilliant nutrient-dense food to introduce into a vegan diet!

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