On Fitness with David Shaughnessy

It’s always great to see somebody you know doing well, and the first time I’d spotted David Shaughnessy’s Instagram, I was happy to immediately see it was an onwards and upwards kind of page. At just 19, David’s feed is a nice mix of informative posts about weight management, encouraging workout videos, meal prep, outstanding cheat meals and abs to both congratulate him for and envy.  It’s clear that this guy is going to get places.

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6pack/Abs – A lot of people ask me how to get abs, what to eat or what ab exercises to do? There is no one exercise or food to eat that will get you this result. You must obtain a low bodyfat percentage in order for them to properly be on show. If that's what you desire you must be willing to start dieting or enter a fat loss phase. – When entering an extended fat loss phase it's important to remember that progress is going to be slow. You may want to approach it all guns blazing and lose weight fast but ultimately this won't be the best option as you want to lose fat and minimise loss of muscle, which takes time. – You will need a well calculated caloric deficit, macro and micro management, consistency, weight/resistance training, cardio(optional), recovery and patience as I've said this takes time if done efficiently. – Do not over complicate your approach to fat loss, it can be made very simple just realise it is slow and you are going in the right direction.

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I don’t doubt that down the line he’s going to have given most Galway PT’s a run for their money, if not nationwide. I thought it’d be a good idea to chat to him a bit for this blog since he’s all about what this blog is here for, and I’m delighted I did because his great personality shines through as much as his advice and, unquestionably, his motivation and love for doing what he does. Best of luck with everything dude!

Hi David, so since you’ve taken your passion to Instagram, your fitness page has quickly been on the rise. Do you feel that a social media following encourages your work at the gym more, or maybe does the opposite?

I never thought that creating an account and sharing my “journey” if you’d like to call it that, would have any affect on my training. Until numerous people complimented me and gave me overwhelming support I couldn’t ignore it, it made me realise I am someone people can potentially look up to and it did make me push that bit harder both inside and out of the gym.

Do you take anything from your workouts other than the physical benefits?

The physical benefits are great, but the gym is where you come to destroy yourself. That’s a beautiful thing. You might think that sounds crazy but the feeling after completing a workout where you gave it your 110% .. The satisfaction is like no other. Obviously working out is a great way to clear the mind, you release endorphins, you’ve just done something positive. You have bettered yourself today.

Staple food/meal you dog into after a workout?

My go to meal is Proats! A big bowl of oats with 2 scoops of chocolate peanut butter protein mixed with just boiling water is possibly my favourite meal of the day.

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Tonight's starter 👌🏼#OnlyTheLightingCanJudgeMe

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Is counting macros your thing, or do you have your own system?

Counting macros is the way for me, it’s not for everyone but certainly now that I’m competing every gram of every meal has to be exact.

Do you work better on your own at the gym or does working with a buddy drive you along?

You need someone on your level who trains like you, who has that same drive. If that person is there then 100% it gives you that extra bit in the tank to do give more to every rep.

Advice for anybody who doesn’t feel they have what it takes to be a pro fitness model?

Well I am not a fitness model but there is no reason why I can’t be. That applies to everyone else. Work hard enough and be persistent with anything in life that you desire whether it be fitness modelling, football or school. Put in the hours and you’ll be rewarded.

In saying that, if you want to be a fitness model you obviously must have a good physique. Building a good physique takes years and huge commitment.. Luckily for me I love the process so that doesn’t dishearten me.

Obviously you’re getting places with your fitness already and there are no doubt many people looking up to you already for it. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

5 years time… I really can’t tell you. Hopefully a fitness role model and a well credited personal trainer. You never know my goals could change but we’ll see.

As always, thanks a billion for taking the time to visit guys, you  can catch the latest from Endorphin Stew over on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat @EndorphinStew, and of course David’s page, here. 😉

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