Packaged Right: My Top Ready Made Picks No.2

It goes without saying that we all have busy lives these days. So when it comes to preparing meals, sometimes we… well… just would rather not do it. Supermarkets are a godsend to the 21st century in that some of the ready-made meals and products they stock can save us minutes and hours in the kitchen; just what we want after a hectic day at the office or wherever it might be.

However, along the aisles of any supermarket, it’s easy to get lost amongst the fatty foods and processed junk that isn’t exactly good for our systems. Like everybody else though, I myself have to reach for pre-made snacks and meals sometimes, but by writing this post (after the high-engagement with my previous one on this topic) I strive to give you all a little indication that pre-made doesn’t necessarily have to mean bad either. Below are four more of the many healthy, accessible products I regularly make use of from retailers. 🙂

Glenisk Organic Bio Live Yogurts


Glenisk are currently priding themselves on their new range of Organic Bio Live yogurts – and for very fair reasons. It’s no secret I’ve been a fan of Glenisk since the day I doused my Cinnamon and Coconut French Toast with their Organic Natural Yogurt; the first thing I missed on my little vegan venture a while back after meat was their products! The new bio range not only has a reduced sugar content in comparison to others, but the sugars in these yogurts are those naturally occurring from milk and fruit. The yogurts are also free from artificial ingredients, they’re gluten-free, organic and have reduced lactose. I tried my first one a few weeks back and I know that these guys will become a staple treat for me between lectures and on work breaks. They really kill the sugar cravings and just remembering their taste – especially the blueberry flavour – as I walk down the supermarket isle, can easily dissuade me from reaching for a snickers! The four packs now retail in Supervalu and Tesco for less than three euro. 🙂

Greene Farm Torn Chicken


If anything works at filling me up, it’s chicken. The leaner the better. With Greene Farm, I’ve just bypassed the stage of using their fresh meats to make sandwiches and toasties to now just using it as a delicious snack whenever I’m stuck for time to eat. One other thing I love doing with the convenient torn range is mixing the meat in with a nice pot of Cully & Sully soup for on the go! For any of you who haven’t tried Greene Farm’s products yet, they’re an Irish company located in West Meath who dedicate themselves to sourcing only the finest 100% natural ingredients. If you’d like some recipe ideas for their products beyond eating them bare like I admit to doing, why not check out my Quick Pitta Pizza and Chicken Curry Nachos recipe made with their chicken! 

Frontier Foods Avocado Oil

avo oil

Personally, I eat about an avocado a day, be it in my smoothie, chopped onto a salad or mashed up and spritzed with lime juice on some Ryvita – I love reaping their benefits and how they keep me full at the same time. But not everybody is alike and for those of you who can’t stand the site as much as the texture of the exotic fruit, I really think this is your best solution! Renowned for their ‘healthy fats’ which keep our hearts healthy, avocados are packed full of antioxidants, high in Omega 3 and vitamin E. Not only is this range of its oil from Frontier Foods a way of getting around a disliking to the fruit in raw form, it also opens you up to other forms of skin regimes, it can be used as an alternative cooking oil or you can even get creative and shake it up with some lemon juice and balsamic vinegar to get a fresh kick out of your salads. This product contains no additives, preservatives, it’s cold-pressed to retain goodness and rich in Omega 9 which may help prevent coronary heart disease. Don’t forget to drop by Frontier Food’s website here to check out the rest of their high-quality, traditional and organic foods.

Mash Direct


Now this delicious family-owned company is as innovative as it is impressive, and undoubtedly the king of healthy convenience food!  With six generations of farming expertise, Mash Direct are definitely specialists in their field and I had the absolute pleasure of trying out the bulk of their product range during the summer when I was sent out possibly the most mouth-watering delivery from them. Out of all I tried, the ones I’ll definitely be making a habit out of are their carrot and parsnip fries, the potato cakes and chilli baby bakes. The quality and taste of their products is maintained through gentle steam-cooking and mashing processes, which also maintains texture and nutritional benefits. It’s definitely worth mentioning that their simple one-step dinners are 100% gluten free as well!  If you check out their website, you’ll find very clear-cut nutritional information on all mentioned products as well as transparent information on everything from the N. Ireland Company from farming practices, to their products’ growing environments to how Mash Direct fairly treats its staff.

As always, thanks a million for taking the time to check out this post guys! If you’d like to give up with more Endorphin Stew posts in the future, don’t forget to check out my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat= @EndorphinStew.

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