Smoothies: Bagging the Benefits!

A fresh start the Monday after a greasy weekend telling the world that your diet starts soon, usually involves blitzing every fruit under the sun in a blender with very, very, good intentions.


The first couple days go well and your will power means less carbs at lunch, less wine at night and less snacking in between. Mornings two and three still consist of smoothies, even if they are more rushed.


But soon its day five and the fridge isn’t as green as it was at the start of the week. Smoothies turn to toast, lunch turns to gluttony and dinner turns into a binge.


Then your diet will start next Monday again.


People, it is all about the prep and the organisation here. That’s the only way we won’t crack under the pressure and end up dispatching our good intentions into next week, so we end up with the false consolation of being able to eat trash until that healthy week comes around. But does it ever?


I’ve been having a smoothie every morning for at least five weeks now. Never before have I managed to keep up a good smoothie streak for more than five days, and it was all down to my lack of organisation. 😦



Since beginning my experiment with smoothie bags a few weeks ago – which consists of putting aside some time to fill up seven sandwitch bags with smoothie ingredients for the week ahead, and freezing them – I’ve been as on track as ever and have even been noticing numerous benefits! 😀



The main ingredients I’ve been using for my smoothies since I began the venture, have been fairly consistant from week-to-week as the combination is satisfying and it’s nurturing my body with all it needs in the mornings. The ingredients include six bananas broken up and divided into seven bags, four apples, sliced and divided into six bags, a standard sized bag of mixed nuts divided, 1 tblspn of chia seeds per bag, one inch of ginger finely chopped and divided between the bags, a medium sized bag of spinach divided between the bags, one avocado per smoothie and half a cup of almond/oat or dairy-free milk of choice, and a punnet of either raspberries, blueberries or both divided out too!

Note: freeze everything except for the avocado and dairy-free-milk!!

Easy mornings

Breakfast has never been easier. Instead of eating the wrong meals out of the frustration of rushed mornings, all it takes now is five minutes and five steps: 1) chopping up an avocado 2) grabbing one of the smoothie bags out of the freezer 3) emptying both into the blender/Nutri Bullet 4) adding the milk 5) blitzing your breakfast together.


Increased energy

I bring my smoothie with me on my early walk to the bus every morning. Nothing wakes you up like a drink with every nutrient you need to start the day and fresh air greeting your lungs. I don’t find myself dozing off in lectures (as much) anymore, coffee isnt such an appeal and I don’t crash midway through the day anymore.




Increased energy has also come with an improvement in my overall mood. I feel a lot more positive now which is a big deal since I’m at the stage of the college semester that usually brings me down more than anything! Yet anoother testament to healthy eating breeding a healthy mind!


Better skin

Physically, the most noticeable improvement from my recent lifestyle change has been to my skin. As somebody with a high sensitivity to acne around my chin area in particular, I’ve noticed a massive improvent around that area. I’ve also noticed the rest of my skin smoothing out and it’s just looking a lot brighter and healthier in general. I know that talking about my skin over any other organ when it comes to this lifestyle change seems quite superficial, but to date, it’s all I’m confident to speak about without spoofing you guys because I wouldn’t be so certain at this stage yet! However, I’m definitely keeping up this smoothie routine and there’s no doubt I’ll be back with more words on the subject! 😀

Less bad cravings

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like since starting each day with a drink full of natural sweetness as well as goodness, I don’t feel the need to reach for a bar of chocolate or any form of junk food as much anymore. I feel like the smoothies have been great for satisfying the sugar cravings and even nipping them in the bud before they really take charge  throughout the day. Eat the good stuff, crave the good stuff. Be organised about it and crave them even more.

As always, thanks a million for taking the time to check out another blog post of mine!😀 Be sure to keep up with me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat= @EndorphinStew #EndorphinStew


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