Blueberry Oat and Chia Scones

The Spring sun has once again taken its time to beam through the dusky Irish clouds, but hey, the season is still alive and the sun’s comeback in the past few days would almost allow you to excuse its long absence to date.

As a student, I can always correlate hectic study time with good weather (penance for never studying early on), and gazing out as the rays illuminate the grass blades. Sure, it’s nowhere near as fun as soaking up the rays myself, but I like seeing it. The view sparks some endorphins and makes me feel content.

What is in my control, amongst my crumpled notes and tower of books, is creating my own spring vibe in the kitchen on my study breaks. I’ve always associated scones with Spring for some reason – maybe it’s because they’re brought on picnics in sunny weather, maybe its because I just like scones in Spring – so it’s no doubt I have a nice warm batch cooling down beside me as I type.

Made with my favourite antioxidant-rich fruit, blueberries, oat and chia flour, as well as low-calorie stevia, this healthy twist on Ireland’s favourite tea accompaniment is sure to be the second best thing to watching the sun split the rocks. Enjoy! 🙂

Scone 1.jpg


  • Oat flour, 165 g (porridge oats simply blended up into flour)
  • Chia flour, 100 g
  • Stevia, 25 g
  • Free range egg whites, x2
  • Fresh blueberries, 1/2 punnet
  • Olive spread/butter, 90 g
  • Almond milk, 110 ml
  • Baking powder, 1 tblspn
  • Sea salt, pinch


  1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
  2. Cut the butter up into chunks to make it easier to whisk with the stevia.
  3. Add the egg whites one by one, to the above mixture, whisking in between.
  4. Add the almond milk and whisk.
  5. Add the oat flour, bit by bit, making sure to whisk continuously to ensure that no clumps are left, followed by the chia flour (abiding by the same method).
  6. Add the salt and baking powder. Whisk well.
  7. Finally, add the blueberries and whisk until they’re evenly dispersed and squashed up.
  8. Line a baking tray and separate the dough into six nice blobs of scone.
  9. Bake for 17 mins (approx.) and allow to cool for ten.
  10. Enjoy!

As always, thanks for cheking out my blog! See more over on my Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat: @EndorphinStew. 😀

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