Are you a food brand or media site looking to use creative ways to promote your product or to boost engagement with your foodie following?

If so, drop me a line, and pitch me your ideas!

I have a lot of experience within the field of collaborations, and I’m very enthusiastic about toying with different tastes and styles of food photography and videography to help promote your brand/product/idea, provided it is all ethical and something I’m a fan of.

I’m a very versatile, youthful blogger who doesn’t advocate any strict form of diet, nor do I restrict my form of cooking to any genre in particular. I would describe myself as easygoing and humorous, which are some qualities I believe have helped me build a good relationship with my following.

I’m all for a happy, fun, balanced relationship with food and cooking, where the only thing to worry about is the washing up!


I’m very open to suggestions and I look forward to hearing from any potential clients/partners. You can find some of my previous work/collaborations below:

Lidl Ireland

Tesco Ireland

RSVP Magazine

RTÉ Lifestyle


Chia Bia

Good4U Nutrition

Evergreen Health Store


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