Quick Oat Cookies!

Hey hey, long time no chat! As you've probably heard me yapping on about already, I've recently finished my 3rd year Anatomy exams, which means I'll have a little more time on my hands again for the blog! 😀 I'm particularly excited about moving away from the typing (not fully - don't worry) and focusing... Continue Reading →

Coconut Cashew Cake Bars

Whoever it was that first thought up the idea of banana nice-cream, you are a Godsent. Not only does it prove that wholefoods give processed garbage a run for its money a lot of the time (I'd choose a nice old spoon of blended frozen banana over ice-cream any day at all), but it also comes to... Continue Reading →

Simple vegan sorbet

When we think of delicious desserts, we often tend to think of the most caramely, chocolaty, sugary, fatty, heart-health-compromising whopper of a dessert plate. After trying sorbet for the first time, however, thinking back on the above makes me feel really really naĂŻve. https://www.instagram.com/p/6Ah_7-mlxM/?taken-by=ryanmangram Hands up if you knew that blended frozen banana has almost an... Continue Reading →

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