Veggie Courgetti Bake

Continuing on with my handy vegetarian student recipes - this one is worth a shot. 🎯 Don't be daunted by the soya mince, however, some people seem to be yucked out by it, but once you try it, you will be pleasantly surprised! A bag of soya mince is a fraction of the price of... Continue Reading →

Teriyaki Courgetti

Fan of the classic Chicken Teriyaki dish? Here it is and without so much of the Saturday-Night-Takeaway or Unhealthy-Convenience-Food guilt. 😉 Note: this one requires a courgetti maker which is available in places such as Argos or Tesco - well worth the small investment if you're hoping to swap refined spaghetti carbs with wholesome courgette/cucumber spirals. 🙂 INGREDIENTS:... Continue Reading →

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