Quick Oat Cookies!

Hey hey, long time no chat! As you've probably heard me yapping on about already, I've recently finished my 3rd year Anatomy exams, which means I'll have a little more time on my hands again for the blog! 😀 I'm particularly excited about moving away from the typing (not fully - don't worry) and focusing... Continue Reading →

The Blogger Twist: A French Toast and Fitness Collab

For any form of writer/mad enthusiast of anything who has managed to find their compatible niche in the online world of blogging, they're probably always going to get some kick out of the feeling of feeding their own unique stories through their own unique platforms that are theirs and theirs alone, yet which are also... Continue Reading →

Sweet Potato & Soya Mince Fritters

The variety of fritter recipes circulating in our cookbooks and the online nowadays is so extensive that comparing any random two must be like comparing chalk with cheese sometimes. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a bad thing... I'm all for putting twists on traditional recipes, so hopping on this bandwagon was right up my street. For my version,... Continue Reading →

Teriyaki Courgetti

Fan of the classic Chicken Teriyaki dish? Here it is and without so much of the Saturday-Night-Takeaway or Unhealthy-Convenience-Food guilt. 😉 Note: this one requires a courgetti maker which is available in places such as Argos or Tesco - well worth the small investment if you're hoping to swap refined spaghetti carbs with wholesome courgette/cucumber spirals. 🙂 INGREDIENTS:... Continue Reading →

From Seeds to Feeds: A Chia Bia Collab

Hey guys, I hope you're all keeping mighty! 😀 What an exciting past week I had sharing my Chia Bia inspired recipes with you all; I felt they turned out a lot better than I expected them to and I put this down to a lack of exam stress in the end. 😛 I figured... Continue Reading →

Coconut Cashew Cake Bars

Whoever it was that first thought up the idea of banana nice-cream, you are a Godsent. Not only does it prove that wholefoods give processed garbage a run for its money a lot of the time (I'd choose a nice old spoon of blended frozen banana over ice-cream any day at all), but it also comes to... Continue Reading →

A Sea of Omega-3 🐟

Hey guys! 👍🏼           I'm sorry to point out the fact that it's a pretty dull and wet day out there today - I'm sure you're all squinting behind the shutters with anticipation, so there, bad news done and dusted. 😝            On the other hand, however, this... Continue Reading →

Eat Vegan, Feel Wow

Hey guys, I hope you're all keeping brilliant! 😀 I'm so excited to be delivering a feature piece today from Aisling O Beirne, the owner of this awesome Eat Well Feel Wow blog, which goes by the slogan of 'whole foods to heal & energise.' 🙂 As somebody who doesn't yet have the bravery to... Continue Reading →

Thank You Glenisk, plus a Delalicious Carrot Cake

Hey everybody! I hope you're all in good form and planning to take things nice and easy over the Easter holidays (that's if you're not inundated with work and study like myself). 😛 Recently, I was lucky enough to be featured in the newsletter of one hugely beloved Irish yogurt company  - Glenisk. To have been... Continue Reading →

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