Smoothies: Bagging the Benefits!

A fresh start the Monday after a greasy weekend telling the world that your diet starts soon, usually involves blitzing every fruit under the sun in a blender with very, very, good intentions.   The first couple days go well and your will power means less carbs at lunch, less wine at night and less snacking in between. Mornings two and... Continue Reading →

Avocado Protein Porridge

Sounds strange? I know... But if you think it tastes strange, I beg to differ. Avocado for me is  a smoothie staple and with the right amount of added sweetness, it also enhances their taste, and especially their texture. Since I like my avocado smoothies and usually include oats in them, I thought I'd leave... Continue Reading →

Coconut Chia Porridge

If there was ever a great canvas for working with in the mornings, it's just got to be porridge. Even when you're following a porridge recipe, I feel it's hard to not want to change a couple of things up each time, because there is just so damn much you can do with it. :P... Continue Reading →

Coconut Granola

Supermarket granola rarely comes without a little flack from the health conscious among us. Although the cereal probably means well, the addition of preservatives, sugars and excess salt unsurprisingly often leads to a cause of concern and - although I am no expert on foods and, indeed, processed foods  -  my instinct tells me that... Continue Reading →

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