Veggie Courgetti Bake

Continuing on with my handy vegetarian student recipes - this one is worth a shot. 🎯 Don't be daunted by the soya mince, however, some people seem to be yucked out by it, but once you try it, you will be pleasantly surprised! A bag of soya mince is a fraction of the price of... Continue Reading →

My First Food Demo!

EXCITED beyond belief to be sharing my first professional food demo with you guys! Tap the link below for the full video, where I demonstrate my gorgeous Quinoa Risotto recipe! It's simple, delicious, nutritious and efficient! A very student-friendly dish which will bring all but boredom to your Tupperware! Special thanks to Spun Out - Ireland's youth website - for allowing... Continue Reading →

Smoothies: Bagging the Benefits!

A fresh start the Monday after a greasy weekend telling the world that your diet starts soon, usually involves blitzing every fruit under the sun in a blender with very, very, good intentions.   The first couple days go well and your will power means less carbs at lunch, less wine at night and less snacking in between. Mornings two and... Continue Reading →

The Blogger Twist: A French Toast and Fitness Collab

For any form of writer/mad enthusiast of anything who has managed to find their compatible niche in the online world of blogging, they're probably always going to get some kick out of the feeling of feeding their own unique stories through their own unique platforms that are theirs and theirs alone, yet which are also... Continue Reading →

Smoked Chicken Scones

For me, a whiff of smoked paprika brings with it some old culinary memories. Most notably: the times I tried to cook as an eleven or twelve year old. On certain occasions back then, I remember volunteering myself to cook dinner for everybody in the house - even though it would mostly be a dish... Continue Reading →

A Sea of Omega-3 đŸŸ

Hey guys! đŸ‘đŸź           I'm sorry to point out the fact that it's a pretty dull and wet day out there today - I'm sure you're all squinting behind the shutters with anticipation, so there, bad news done and dusted. 😝            On the other hand, however, this... Continue Reading →

From Ryvita Balls to Beetroot Curry, Sin Less This Easter

Hi guys, hope you're all keeping well. 😀 I really hate to be one of those bloggers who lies low for a while and then BAM, annoys the hell out of those few poor souls who've subscribed when he comes back to post a line of stuff at the same time! In my defence, however, things... Continue Reading →

Meal Prep: Vegetarian, Wholefoods, Oriental and Fitness Fuel

Midway through my latest stock of meal prep, I can confidently say that not one lecture has been outcompeted  by the sound of my hungry insides this week. The fact that I'm munching on something right now probably means they won't be anytime soon, either. 😉 As somebody whose income is used to being spent mainly on food, I'm really appreciating the... Continue Reading →

Healthy and Affordable: My Meal Prep Guide

Somewhere in the midst of my Endorphin Stew brainstorm, you'll find that one particular driving force behind this blog was my burning desire to learn more about the world of food. Sounds weird right...surely the whole point of setting up a blog is to share what I already know with everyone else? Well for me, not really. In my mind,... Continue Reading →

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