Aubergine lasagna (V)

Hey guys, ~2 months into my new found vegetarian lifestyle and all is going strong. Right now, I'm looking ahead to my return to college and trying to stack up some veggie recipes that will do me in the weeks ahead; also keeping in mind that no meat will mean less protein, so I have... Continue Reading →

Quick Oat Cookies!

Hey hey, long time no chat! As you've probably heard me yapping on about already, I've recently finished my 3rd year Anatomy exams, which means I'll have a little more time on my hands again for the blog! 😀 I'm particularly excited about moving away from the typing (not fully - don't worry) and focusing... Continue Reading →

Blueberry Oat and Chia Scones

The Spring sun has once again taken its time to beam through the dusky Irish clouds, but hey, the season is still alive and the sun's comeback in the past few days would almost allow you to excuse its long absence to date. As a student, I can always correlate hectic study time with good... Continue Reading →

Christmassy French Toast!

That time of year has rolled around again and what greets the Christmas season better than lights, trees or snow? It has got to be food! 😛 I've never had the confidence to cook for my family around such a traditional time of year before, but for the next few weeks I'm going to try my best to... Continue Reading →

My First Food Demo!

EXCITED beyond belief to be sharing my first professional food demo with you guys! Tap the link below for the full video, where I demonstrate my gorgeous Quinoa Risotto recipe! It's simple, delicious, nutritious and efficient! A very student-friendly dish which will bring all but boredom to your Tupperware! Special thanks to Spun Out - Ireland's youth website - for allowing... Continue Reading →

Packaged Right: My Top Ready Made Picks No.2

It goes without saying that we all have busy lives these days. So when it comes to preparing meals, sometimes we… well… just would rather not do it. Supermarkets are a godsend to the 21st century in that some of the ready-made meals and products they stock can save us minutes and hours in the kitchen;... Continue Reading →

Sweet Courgette Bread & Homemade Nutella 

Finally, a guiltless place to run to on a Friday night when I feel like binging on a big tub of Nutella after a hard week's work. Okay, maybe my Homemade Nutella isn't completely guiltless, but it is made from wholefoods and is a lot less likely to do you harm over the original. 😉 ... Continue Reading →

Sweet Potato & Soya Mince Fritters

The variety of fritter recipes circulating in our cookbooks and the online nowadays is so extensive that comparing any random two must be like comparing chalk with cheese sometimes. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a bad thing... I'm all for putting twists on traditional recipes, so hopping on this bandwagon was right up my street. For my version,... Continue Reading →

Smoked Chicken Scones

For me, a whiff of smoked paprika brings with it some old culinary memories. Most notably: the times I tried to cook as an eleven or twelve year old. On certain occasions back then, I remember volunteering myself to cook dinner for everybody in the house - even though it would mostly be a dish... Continue Reading →

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