Veggie Courgetti Bake

Continuing on with my handy vegetarian student recipes - this one is worth a shot. 🎯 Don't be daunted by the soya mince, however, some people seem to be yucked out by it, but once you try it, you will be pleasantly surprised! A bag of soya mince is a fraction of the price of... Continue Reading →

Uncle Pete’s Protein Flapjacks

It's true that some of the best recipes any food blogger can bring to the table are those which stem from their family culture. Luckily for me, I have a massive family, so foodspiration is something I'll never fall short on. From my Aunties various kinds of dishes and baked goods, to Mary's (too young to be called Granny yet)  traditional Sunday... Continue Reading →

Nutritious sweet potato brownies 🍫

Ever since I heard about sweet potato brownies, I've taken huge interest in them. Not because I was trying to keep up with Tumblr, or Pinterest, or YouTube, or wherever it was they began exploding, but instead because I've been a fan of sweet potato since God was a child (or maybe since my Mam... Continue Reading →

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