Veggie Courgetti Bake

Continuing on with my handy vegetarian student recipes - this one is worth a shot. 🎯 Don't be daunted by the soya mince, however, some people seem to be yucked out by it, but once you try it, you will be pleasantly surprised! A bag of soya mince is a fraction of the price of... Continue Reading →

Smoked Salmon Ryvita Balls 

Somewhere along our tracks of New Years resolutions and the crumpled up papers of our (hopefully) successful past food and fitness plans, we're bound to find Ryvita jotted down as something we ought to eat a lot more of. 🍴 It's true though, even thinking of Rye Flour makes me feel like I'm going to... Continue Reading →

Coconut Cashew Cake Bars

Whoever it was that first thought up the idea of banana nice-cream, you are a Godsent. Not only does it prove that wholefoods give processed garbage a run for its money a lot of the time (I'd choose a nice old spoon of blended frozen banana over ice-cream any day at all), but it also comes to... Continue Reading →

Lemon and Mango Quinoa Muffins đŸ‘Œ

Hey guys, I hope you're all keeping great! 😃   Last Friday, I was reminded of the importance of honest friends when it comes to food blogging. With college and all getting hectic again this time of year, my time in the kitchen is restricted from between around 6am and 12pm on Sunday mornings before... Continue Reading →

Meal Prep: Vegetarian, Wholefoods, Oriental and Fitness Fuel

Midway through my latest stock of meal prep, I can confidently say that not one lecture has been outcompeted  by the sound of my hungry insides this week. The fact that I'm munching on something right now probably means they won't be anytime soon, either. 😉 As somebody whose income is used to being spent mainly on food, I'm really appreciating the... Continue Reading →

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